Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adrenaline Rush

What is Adrenaline Rush?
They said it is a state whereby your body produces some chemical in moment of fear or excitement..
and this chemical (read:adrenaline rush) can make you do things that is beyond normal. ex: running faster than normal or being braver than ever.

I love to raise up my adrenaline every now and then.. *in a responsible way of course*
I love to ride roller coaster, or went in to haunted house, or as simple as talking to some handsome guy across the street. hahaha.. *okay. the last one is a joke*

I do think it is important to pump up your adrenaline, because it just makes you feel ALIVE.

It's the time whereby most of the oxygen travels to your brain, and somehow you feel freshened and lively all of a sudden.

Last week.. Me, Bern and 9 of our friends went to Sentosa to raise up some adrenaline.. haha.
*yeah, i know.. sentosa lagi.. sentosa lagi.. baru juga pergi di minggu sebelumnya.. hehe*

So, in the other part of Sentosa Island.. there's something like an outbound park called Megazip Adventure Park. 
If you are taking the monorail from Vivocity, you should stop in Imbiah Station and just follow the way up, take the escalators, pass through the jungle..  hike a little bit more.. and voila! you'll reach the adventure park. *yess.. this place is freakin far from the monorail.. but distance means so little when you walk with your loved ones! so, please do not walk alone. haha.. dehhh..*

 the jungle selfie

the hiking selfie

They have 4 challenging activities that you can choose,
- Climbmax : it's like a normal outbound, but i think it's very hard.. whereby there's huge trees, ropes, some wood-logs,  and they made 24 obstacles out of it..
- Northface : basically its a rock climbing
- Parajump : freefall from about 4 storey tall. They said it simulate parachute landing
- Megazip : flying fox

they have their own pricing for individual activities,
but you can mix and match activities if you want too.
so, to make things easier.. they have made the pricing table for you.

so, some of us took the Kangaroo package and some others took Chimpanzee package.

right after we purchased our ticket,
we need to sit down to be briefed by their crew.
you are not allowed to bring backpack or totebags.. only small sling bag allowed.
and all valuables will be put aside in one bag which you can bring along with you later on.

okay, the first thing to do was weight yourself ! haha
i know.. its very embarrassing for some of the girls. but it's for safety reasons.. so, you cannot skip this out.

after they weighed our weight.
we proceed to the 'Buckle up' ground *actually i dont know what to call that place.. haha*
so, in this place, they will put the safety harness around you..
they have 2-3 types of safety harness according to your weight. most of the girls normally will get the yellow colored ones.

okayy.. now, we are ready to hit the park !

First 'Adrenaline' stop was the Parajump - the 'free fall' from 4th storeys *well.. the poster said we gonna jump from the 5th storey, but idk it's that high.. so 4th storey it is. hehe*

we already did 'eenie meenie mainey moo' aka cap-cip-cup in bahasa..
and Cindy is very first one to jump, followed by others, me in the second last, and Manda for our lucky last.

before you jump, they will ask you to turn your back and attached a ballast *pemberat* to your back.
The ballast holds a bit of your gravity, so we will turn into pieces after we jumped down.

if you see from below pictures, maybe it doesnt seems so high.

the dangling wooden block with all the ropes are the Climbmax - which we did not take

Buttt.. Let me tell you the feeling when you are on the tip of the ledge.
the feeling was much complicated than the nano nano sweets *i think only indonesian understand this. huahua*
my heart beats faster, my hands turn cold, i cannot breath properly.. i can feel all the symptoms of the adrenaline rush.

i want to show you the video that Cindy took for me.
but the video goes upside down, and i dont know how to rotate a video.. haha
please see at my Instagram @jendluvu if you would like to see.

again.. it seems slow..
but it really takes tons of courage to step out from the ledge.
*rasanya pas mau lompat itu.. aduhh.. pengen lngsung pipis gt. hahaha*

but we all made it.. hehe..
and we all agreed that the scariest part was when we step our leg out from the ledge.
the rest of the process is just normal. haha..
*many experience falling after they touches the ground.. because they still cant balance themselves.. well.. including me. hahaha*

Secondly is the Northface aka Rock Climbing  for the Chimpanzee team.

But first, let me take a selfie! *chainsmokers effect*

 The Chimpanzee Team

The Kangaroo Team

The Chimpanzee team waited for quite awhile, because the rock climbing can only accommodate 3 players.
You can try to climb for 20 mins.. if you still cannot reach the top to ring the bell, then the guards will stop you and let the others to take the their turn.
got this 2 taiwan couple tried to climb up for the umpteenth times.. but they cant even pass the red lines.
i think their hands are too tired already..

and finally, it's Bern's time to climb..
the guard will ask you to climb a bit and go down again, only to test ropes that will bring you down.

and you know what??
Bern succeeded to reach the top and rang the bell..!! woohoo.. *proud girlfriend* muahahahha,, **

he said he unlocked one of his life achievements. hahaha.. *sama lebay.nya* hahaha.

anyway.. Dedi was very funny. he stuck in the middle with this position. haahha. *im sorry dedi*

and finally, our last game of the day..

The Megazip aka flying fox.
This flying fox is 450 meters long and 72 meters above the sea level.
too bad i dont have any Go-Pro camera to record a video.. =((

i only have below pictures for you to see..
yes.. we are sliding from one Island to another Island!! 

Me and Niko getting started

compared to Parajump, this one is scarier, because they will hang you first and nothing to seat in. after that, they will just released you all of a sudden, and your body can just turn back and front anytime.

i faced the front side at first, but halfway down the road i turned around and facing the canopy jungle.

but i love this ride the most.. because you can feel the adrenaline rush longer and whiz and breeze over the canopy jungle and siloso beach.

oh ya.. you can do tandem as well if you like.. or if you are a little bit afraid to go alone..
but i think they have maximum weight to go..

another funny thing also happened here..
2 of my friends (lets say C &D).. they went tandem for this rides, because one of them afraid to go alone.
then suddenly.. they stucked at the middle! hahaha..
they are fine.. no injuries.. no faulties.. we assume they are just a little bit too heavy. haha.
so the guard came along and pull them to the other side of the island.
so, my suggestion is.. just go solo and enjoy the ride yourself.. haha..

overall it was a very very great experience.
I recommend you to go at least once in your lifetime, and just feel the adrenaline rush that travels within your body..

this makes me wants to go for skydive or bungee jump..
but i dont know if my heart can take it or not. haha..
My last memorable 'feeling' was X2 roller coaster in LA's six flags : magic mountain. *it was the craziest roller coaster that i have ever ride*
and i think those skydive and bungee jump is a new whole level of raising up your adrenaline. haha..
*ngebayanginnya aja udah super deg2an*

so, please do share with me if you have did those crazy things before.. i would love to hear your magnificent stories.. hehe..

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Minggu lalu, gw sama beberapa temen gw pergi ke Adventure Cove Waterpark yg ada di Resort World Sentosa..

Sentosa lg happening bngt sekarang buat turis2..
Bermula dari Casino, Universal Studio, S.E.A Aquarium ( yg katanya world's largest aquarium *bukan luas tempat.nya loh yaa* ) sampe ada si Adventure Cove Waterpark ini. 

Sebenernya si Adventure Cove ini kyk waterboom gt.. disana cuman main air aja.. ga ada kolam yg bener2 buat berenang.. harga masuk.nya ituh SGD 36. 

pertama kali kita masuk.. voto2 dulu dong yahh.. hehe..

nah.. abis masuk ke waterpark ini.. udah bnyk loker buat taro belongings kita..
system.nya pake komputer gt.. whereby nanti systemnya yg pilihin loker kita dimana..
trus system.nya minta duid dulu sebelum dia tunjukin loker.nya. 
dan ternyata mahal juga lohh.. harus bayar SGD 20 buat bayar loker.nya.. *faint.. daylight robbery*

untung loker.nya lumayan gede, jadi kita pesen 1 loker aja buat taro tas kiat ber6..  
tapi kita ga tau apakah si loker ini bisa di buka tutup, atau cuman bs di buka sekali dan di tutup sekali.. haha..

yaudah deh.. abis semua ganti baju, pake sunblock dan taro barang di loker.
cabuts lah kita untuk bermain air.. hehe..

1. Adventure River a.k.a Kolam Arus

Ini kolam biasa yg semua waterboom punya kali yahh. di ancol juga ada yg kyk gini. ahhaha
Karena namanya Kolam Arus, yah kita cuman bisa jalan 1 arah ikutin arus air.nya..
kita bodoh2an juga sihh, cobain buat jalan balik.. tapi yahh paling cuman bisa 2-3 step.. trus yah kbawa arus lagi. hahaha.

Tapi ada yg sedikit beda dari kolam arus yg biasa.nya.. Pertama, lantai.nya beda2. 
jadi, ada yg lantai.nya biasa, terus ada yg lantai.nya dari kaca.. jadi lebih licin gt..
nah.. ini seru bngt nih kalo mau bodoh2an jalan lawan arus pas di lantai kaca. haha.
Kedua, mrk ada bbrp tema gt, ada yg forest2, ada yg bentuk.nya kyk tunnel (jadi bisa liat ikan di atas kita), ada yg kyk cave2 gt..

Ketiga, mrk taro aquarium full of stingray di samping kolam arus.nya..
jadi sambil main air, kita bs berenti dan liat2 stingray dr berbagai jenis dan ukuran.. dan bisa liatin mrk kubur diri mrk di pasir..*ga tau juga buat apa dia kubur diri dia.. haha.. kyknya sih buat perlindungan diri gt yahh.. hehe*

2. Rainbow-Reef 

Jadi ini kolam guede bngt.. dalem.nya kurang lebih 4-5 meter.. di isi sama terumbu karang dan katanya ada kurang lebih 20.000 ikan di dalem.

jadi ini kolam buat kita snorkeling !

seru lohh.. hehe..
buat kalian yg takut snorkel di lautan.. kalian bisa coba2 dulu dsini. haha.
antri.nya agak lama buat yg ini,
soalnya.. dia ajarin orng2.nya dl gt gmn cara pake alat snorkle.nya and some safety tips..  

pas di kasih alat snorkle.nya, gw agak geli gt.. kan bekas di pake ga tau berapa juta umat kann..
jadi gw tanya si abang.nya.

Me : do you clean this all the time ?
Him : Yes ma'am.. not to worries, with disinfectant and *apaa gt lupa* for every use.

yaudahlah yah, lega dikit.. walopun gw juga ga tau gimana cara dia cuci.nya. haha.. 

kalo di tanya bagus apa nggak sih, jawaban gw lumayand bagus. haha..
well. jngn bandingin sama open sea yah.. itu udah beda.. 
ini kan buatan gt soalnya..
lumayand bagus dan lumayan niat  bngt si buat.nya.. 
terus dia bnyk taro lifeguard gt di pinggir2.nya.. buat jaga2 klo ada yg lose their breath.
sayang bngt gw ga ada camera underwater.. =(

*keep wanting to have 1.. but the good one is freaking expensive.. so yeah.. if anyone of you knows a good underwater camera with a good value, please kindly let me know.. hehe*

3.Riptide Rocket

This is the 'must ride' slides.
ini slides yang paling beda dari biasa.nyaa.. kenapa??
karena.. ini slides roller coaster..
yes... roller coaster on water.. can you imagine?? hahaha..
seru bngt.. jadi dia tetep pake float (ban yg bisa di dudukin 2 orang ) gt..
yg lebih berat harus duduk di depan.. *ga tau kenapa*

abis semua duduk. nanti dia tarik float kita ke atas.. gw pikir mah biasa aja..
paling di tarik sampe atas terus di release doang..
ternyata nggak.. abis di release kyk prosotan biasa..
ehh.. tau2.nyaa dia bisa naik lagii..
gila dehh.. seru abiss..
ternyata dia pake technology yg namanya 'hydro-magnetic' gt..
gw juga terheran2.. gimana caranya dia bisa bikin kyk gt..
sumpahh.. this is the must try slide if you are visiting adventure cove. hehe..
this rides can really raise your adrenaline. haha..

4. Spiral Washout

*picture taken from*

Ini slides biasa sihh.. tapi ada sensasi seru.nya aja gt.. kyk lu masuk ke dalam corong.. hahaha.

5. Whirpool Washout

*picture taken from*

Ini slides beda tipis sama si spiral washout..
tapi antri.nya lebih pendek dari si spiral..
menurut gw sihh, ini lebih seru dr pada yg si spiral..
soalnya.. once lu turun.. nanti di tengah2.. float lu bisa muter sendiri gt.. 
jadi dari yg posisinya mengahadap depann.. tiba2 bisa puter balik.. 
jadi naik slides.nya terbalik gt. hahahaha.. *funny horror felling when it turned around*

Ada beberapa kolam lagi, kyk kolam ombak, kolam anak2, dan kolam adventure (dimana lu bisa manjat2 pake tali, dan lompat2an dsana).. terus ada beberapa slides lagi..
tapi menurut gw yg paling menarik adalah 5 ini.. hehehe.

oh iyaa.. mereka buka dari jam 10 pagi - 6 sore..
jangan pulang terlalu sore..
soalnya kamar mandi.nya bakalan penuh bngt.. and you have to queue to bath.. 
ga enak kan beridiri dingin2 di toilet untuk nunggu giliran mandi. haha.. 

yahh.. segitu aja deh crita gw kali ini. hehe..

*picture kali ini dari gw pake filter instagram. hahaha.. nice yaa.. ini gw ktmu pas abis mandi dan mau jalan pulang.. hehe..*

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Merah-Putih ku

kalian yg berwarga negara Indonesia, harusnya tau lah yahh kalo kita lagi heboh banget sama yg namanya PEMILU 2014.. hehe..

gw ini orang.nya lumayan nasionalist, walopun belom mau balik indo untuk saat ini.

i was very excited pas tau pemilu is coming.
i even volunteered buat pemilu legislatif yang ada di singapore.

gw pengen cerita pengalaman gw volunteer untuk pertama kali.nya di indonesian embassy..

dari 5 tahun yg lalu gw pengen bngt volunteer untuk pemilihan president..tapi apa daya, dulu ga ngerti gmn cara apply jadi volunteer dan ga ada koneksi di embassy.
tahun ini pas di kirimin email untuk update particular, gw iseng aja reply buat nanya di buka volunteer apa nggak?

ternyata mrk bilang volunteer di buka untuk umum, daftar ke email *ini* aja untuk apply.
akhirnya gw apply dan di panggil deh untuk briefing TPS dll.

eh, akhirnya gw di pindahin dari TPS ke careperson gara2 gw ga bisa hadir di hari penghitungan suara,
gw sih gpp. since emang niat.nya kan mau volunteer aja gt.

eh ternyata,, semua volunteer di bayar donkk. hahaha..
katanya pembayarannya semua sama. kecuali untuk ketua TPS agak lebih besar.. 

anyway.. seru bngt buat volunteer di embassy untuk pemilu caleg kali ini..
pertama lu bisa ktmu bnyk orng indo yg lainnya. haha.. 
yg lucu gw bisa ktmu si May *si cewek sanguine* pas lg briefing..

May : Jen, lu ikutan volunteer pemilu? 
Jend : Iya, May.. lohh.. kok lu tau?
M : iya, ini gw dngn nama Jenita barusan.. gw di kbri skrng.
J : lahh.. gw juga di KBRI.. lu dimana?
M : duduk paling blakang sama temen gw, gw dteng telat.
J : dimana May??
M : coba lu berdiri nanti gw dadah2..

yahh begitulah kurang lebih cerita kopdar kami. haha..

pas hari pemilu.nya sendiri, gw dan May dan Elisa ( temennya May ) jadi careperson..
tugas careperson basically cuman arahin orng jalannya ke TPS mereka, karena KBRI singapore itu gede, dan pas pemilu kmrn di bagi 2 zona, yaitu zona A & B.

lucu.nya orng indo tuh bbrp dari mrk suka males mikir..
walopun di tulis zona B segede gaban, ttep aja pada nanya zona B dimana.. ~.~`
tapi karena kita adalah careperson yg manis dan cantikk.. *loh?! 
jadi kita menunjukan arah dngn senyuman yg paling manis.. hehe..

careperson di bagi 3 group. 
group 1 di bagian sebelum registrasi,
group 2 stelah registrasi, dan group 3 untuk arahin ke TPS mana mrk harus coblos.

kebetulan kita di group 2.. yg menurut gw group yg paling oke..
walopun harus berdiri di luar dan ga ada AC.nya.. tapi kita dapet tempat lumayan teduhh..
karena kerjaannya gampang.. cuman arah2in orng aja.. haha..

kalo group 1 kayak.nya bisa pingsan gt deh.. 
soalnya tempat mrk langsung ke sorot sinar matahari dan ga ada tenda.nya..
sedangkan group ke3 harus non-stop liatin TPS mana yg kosong dan arahin mrk ke TPS tersebut. 

pemilu di singapore itu earlier than indo.
we had it on last Sunday (6th april).. dan penghitungan suara on 9th april, hari dimana indo baru mulai nyoblos.
dan banyak negara2 lainnya yg adain pemilu jauh sbelum indonesia.. sperti taiwan yg adain pemilu.nya tanggal 30 maret klo ga salahh..

singapore sih masih bnyk yah orng indo.nya.. jadi masih bnyk yg volunteer.
kata ketua pemilu luar negri.. negara2 lain yg jarang orng indo.nya malah ga ada volunteer.
jadi yg jagain TPS dll itu adalah orng2 local.nya sendiri.. 

orng indo yg berdomisili di singapore kira2 ada 120.000 orng..
yg pasti golput itu kurang lebih 1%.. soalnya semua surat undangan pemilu yg udah di kirimin sama KBRI bounced back ke mrk.
entah ganti alamat ga di update. atau udah pindah lagi ke negara lain.nya.
kurang lebih 7000 orang milih lewat post..
jadi mrk akan di kirimkan kartu DPR, coblos sendiri dirumah dan di send back ke KBRI dalam jangka waktu tertentu..
dan yg lainnya yah lngsung dtng aja ke KBRI buat coblos..

jadi careperson itu menarik juga..
karena bnyk ktmu orng..jadi bs sambil ngobrol2 juga pas ktmu orng mau ke TPS mrk..
bisa cuci mata kalo liat cowo2 ganteng.. hehehe..

volunteer di KBRI tuh di jaga bngt welfare.nya.. makan sehari 3x + 2x snack.
dan semuanya makanan indooo.. dan enak2.. *drolll*

anyway.. dari sekian banyaknya orng indo di singapore..
banyak buanget juga yg masih pada golput.. =(
bayangin dehh.. 1 TPS itu di perkirakan bakal ada 2800 pemilih.. (udah di potong yg pasti golput + milih lewat surat)
tapi at the end of the day.. ternyata per TPS cuman sekitar 400 orang doang yg dateng...
kalo kmrn kita ada 36 TPS.. yg golput itu sekitar 86,000 orng..
kemana aja kamu manusia2 indo di singapore???

sedih juga pas tau hal ini..
soal.nya semua sisa kertas suara yg ga terpakai harus d buang bgitu aja.. karena dnger2 ga boleh di re-cycle..
gw aja di kantor sering bngt re-cycle paper.. soalnya sayang kalo di buangg..
nah ini.. 86,000 kertas di buang begitu saja..
duhhh.. sebel bngt rasanya..
kyk.nya lain kali harus di buat lebih irit.. on the spot baru print ato gimana gt.. biar ga buang2 kertas.. 

kmrn tuh gw ktmu sama salah satu caleg dari PAN..
agak kaget karena doi ganteng juga kalo dari deket.. sama tiba2 dia nanya gw apakah dia boleh lewat jalur khusus yg gw jaga.. 
langsung aja gw bilang, 'ehhmm.. bolehh..' *gubrakk*
harusnya gw nanya dl boleh apa nggak sama ketua pemilu.nya.. suka gawat nih emang gw kalo panik.. huahua 
*jadi ceritanya gw jaga 1 jalur khusus buat yg disable gt, biar ga usah antri ke TPS.nya*

doi emang berdomisili di singapore.
sampe heboh deh KBRI.. kata.nya doi punya target yg cukup besar dari singapore..
liat aja dehh nanti apakah doi bisa dpt kursi apa nggak nanti.nya..

trus gw juga ktmu 3 cewek2 cantik..
jadi mrk tuh sbenernya ga ngerti donkk ini lg pemilihan apa..
cape dehhhh..

Them : sorry numpang nanya, ini pemilihan apa yah?
gw : legislative.. kalian udah punya surat registrasi? *tiap surat undangan ada barcode.nya. jadi di registrasi bakal tinggal di scan dan nanti kluar surat kecil gt*

Them : nggak ada.. 
gw : loh? kalian ada surat ato passport?
Them : cuman 1 yg bawa passport. jadi perlu milih ga yah?
gw : kalo udah bawa passport, mendingan milih dehh.. kan sayang udah dsini
Them : kalo ga milih ini, bisa pilih president ga?
gw : bisa sihh..
them : yaudah deh.. pulang aja.. nanti balik lagi pas pilpres..
gw : *bengong*

yaellahh nengg... agak speechless gw.. huahaua..

kyknya orng2 pada mikir pilpres itu lebih penting dari pilih caleg.
dan mnurut gw ini sama penting.nya coyyy
soalnya kan bnyk program2 yg DPR buat.. dan setau gw, program2 itu ada yg perlu di tanda tanganin dl sama president, dan ada yg ga perlu..

nahh.. dsini lahh korupsi itu bnyk terjadi.. kyk dana2 sperti RAPBN ( Rancangan Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara) itu hanya di setujui DPR ato DPRD aja.. president ga gt meninjau lagi..

jadi kalo orng2 DPR.nya kacau semua.. yah habislahh 'uang belanja' negara kita..

jadi perlu di perhatikan kalau caleg tuh sama penting.nya dngn president.. hoho..

mungkin emang kita2 harus lebih di educate dlm pemilu2 kyk gini, biar semua bs di encourage untuk milih dan dpt arahan untuk cari tau siapa yg harus di pilih.. 

yahh.. kira2 begitulah cerita volunteer pertama gw di singapore..
semoga bisa bantuin lg di pilpres bulan july nanti..
dan tentunya indonesia bisa maju ke arah yg lebih baik lagi. *aminnn*


selfie bersama pak dubes - Andri Hadi

Thursday, April 3, 2014

(My) 3 Best Maki in Singapore (So Far)

When i said, 'I love Japanese food'
I do not mean that i fancy those raw meats that they are serving. 
well.. i do eat the grilled jap food, the teriyaki, the katsu and all the 'don'..
i also eat raw fish.. eventho it's very limited.. only Salmon Sashimi and Tuna. hahaha..
yeahh.. i'm sorry if i am being a little ambiguous here. hehe..  i dont even know if i can be called a 'Japanese Food Lover'

so, why can I claim that i love Japanese food?

It is simply because of the 'heaven-made-hands-down' sauces that pour overflowing-ly to the sushi.. ^^

Normally they call it 'Maki' - like what it has always been written down in all Japanese menu. haha.. 

after googling around.. 'Maki' is a rolled sushi with seaweed nori, which you can put anything that you like inside the sushi.. 

and below are (My) 3 Best Maki in Singapore (So Far) hehehe..
well.. i guess many of you already know and tried it and also claimed that 'it tastes like heaven'

but let me just post it again 1 more time over here.. 

1. Koh Grill & Sushi Bar (Shiok Maki)

i know.. i knowwww.. 
who does not know this, right?

but for some of you who does not know this yet..

ill introduce you, the SHIOK MAKI !
 - Shiok Maki (unagi with salmon with lots and lots of delicate sauce)

- Shiok Maki with Ebi Fry (Fried Shrimp)

the perfectly matched make melted cheese, mayonnaise, mentai and miso maybe? hahaha..
this is just too hard to resist.. 
and i really really love how they generously pour the sauce over the maki. *fly fly*
but you really have to come here on odd hours.. else, goodluck q-ing for god knows how long. 

435 Orchard Road
#04-21 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877Open everyday ( as i know ) hehe..

2. Sushi Bar (at Far East Plaza)

The Queue at this rather small restaurant is as crazy as KOH Grill. 
One of their best seller is the Salmon Aburi Sushi.

as the sauce lover.. they do not 'drench' the sushi with the sauces.. 
hence, they just put a little bit of the mentai on top of the maki and burnt it a lil bit.
i love the burning smell that comes out from it.. haha.. 

i think this is one of the best maki in Singapore.. 
my favorite is the ebi fry salmon aburi sushi. hehehe.. 

well, compared to Shiok Maki.. i can eat more sushi here..
maybe because the sauce does not makes your stomach queasy easily? *aka : eneg* hehe..  
ohh.. when you are in Sushi Bar, you really need to order their scallop mentaiyaki !
this is really 'da bomb!' hahaha..
also one of their 'hits' 

The Sushi Bar
#03-89 Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
Mon to Sat: 12.30pm – 9pm

3. Madnest

Thanks to Bern's sister who introduce this to us.It's a fusion kind of restaurant, whereby you can found Italian-Asian, North-Indian cuisine and Japanese! 

if Koh Grill and Sushi Bar is located in Orchard Area, this one is a little bit's in east coast side.

okay.. now, let me show you the Maki that can make you droll all day long.

- Volcanic Maki - prawn with hell lot of spicy sauce

- Oishii Maki - unagi, roasted salmon, avocado.. and of course the super delicious homemade mayonnaise that i dont really know what it is really made of. hahaha.

378-380 East Coast Road
Singapore 428985
Mon - Fri : 4pm - 1 am
Sat - Sun & Public Holiday : 11am - 1am

Please do let me know if there's more awesome 'Maki' in town okayy.. hehe.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Berbahaya-kah kamu?

*ini cerita tahun lalu waktu gw lagi berkunjung ke Israel*

ketika tiba di airport Israel, hati gw cukup berdegub kencang..
karena petualangan iman gw akan segera di mulai.
yah seperti yg kalian tau, biasa umat kristiani itu biasanya pergi ke Israel untuk ziarah, ketika umay Muslim pergi ke Meccah.

waktu kita sedang jalan melewati lorong super panjang dari tempat boarding sampai imigrasi,
kami bisa melihat hall arrival di bawah kami..
dan itu gw bisa bilang kalo airport Israel itu bagus! suasanya enak bngt gt kalo buat nongkrong2..
jadi mrk ada kyk hall bulat gt.. dan isinya yah stall2 kecil gt di sekeliling.nya..
jadi setelah kamu beli makanan disana, kamu boleh duduk dimana aja yg ada tempat duduk.nya.

toilet.nya airport israel sih standard..
tapi semua barang2.nya kalau kata Raimond sih buatan amerika semuaa.. haha
*maaf, gw ga gt memperhatikan brand2 di toilet.nya.. haha*

ketika kita sampe di imigrasi,
kita inget kata ibu2 tarvel agent..
'Nanti kalau udah sampe di imigrasi, bilang petugas.nya yahh kalo jangan cap apa2 di passport, cap.nya di visa kertas aja'

yasudah deh.. akhirnya kita bilang satu per satu ke petugas.nya bahwa jngn di cap di passport dsb.

pas giliran gw, petugasnya bilang.. 'Ya, I know.. we dont chop on the passport anymore'

sebenernya gw kurang paham sih knp dia bilang ga cap di passport kita lagi.
yah mungkin karena udah tau kali yahh kalo Indonesian itu ga boleh di chop passport.nya kalo ke Israel..
pada bilang sih jadi kita ga bs masuk indo lagi kalo passport kita di chop.
jadi harus bikin seribu alasan gt untuk buat passport baru.

gw sampe bingung dehh.. se-berbahaya itu kah orng2 indo di mata mrk?

yahh.. selepas keluar dari imigrasi dan ambil koper.
arrival hall mrk cukup besar..
punya high ceiling.. terus jarak dari pintu arrival dan penjemput cukup jauh jarak.nyaa..
ga kyk di singapore gt yg mungkin cuman 2-3 langkah dari pintu arrival. hehe..

private tour kita pun di mulai.
dan berakir sangat cepatnya.. kalo belum pada baca cerita Israel aku..
kalian boleh click di kolom jalan2 di atas.. hehehe..
yahh.. namanya jalan2 selalu ga berasa yahh..
apalagi kalo perginya bareng teman2 tercintaa..

pas kita mau pulang..
kita di anterin ke air-port sama tour guide kita.
dia udah bilang, do not leave your luggage unattended.. kalo di tinggal 5 menit aja.. bisa langsung di ambil sama petugas disana..

ehh, bener aja lohh..
cerita pas kita masuk. ada 1 koper yg emang unattended. ga tau juga yg punya kemana.
terus ga lama kemudian, security datengin koper.nya..
terus doi celingak-celinguk kanan kiri..
sempet nanya kita juga apakah itu punya kita.. *since kita berdiri lumayan dekat dngn si koper*
stelah itu.. lngsung deh di boyong sama si mas security.

pas kita masuk untuk check in..
kita di datengin sama mba2 security disana..
di tanya bnyk pertanyaan sbelum kita scan koper kita..

- how long u have been in Israel?
- did you go out to Jordan?
- did you met any Israel man?
- anyone gave you a gift?

dll.. dll..

pertama kali.nya gw di tanyain segitu banyaknya pertanyaan..
yg paling aneh.. knp juga gw di tanyain ktmu sama cowo israel apa nggak? hahaha..
takut kepincut sama cowo2 sana kali yah? hahaha
*tapi jujur cowo sana ganteng2 sii.. apalagi yg jagain perbatasan israel - palestina. beuhhh.. pengen gw ajak voto.. tapi takut + ribet.. soalnyaa dia ngecek.nya cuman buka pintu mobil kita aja.. haha*

stelah kita lewatin se-gambreng pertanyaan..
waktu.nya untuk scan koper..

pas lg antri untuk scan koper..

ada cowo china di dpn gw ambil photo disana..
yah mungkin buat kenang2an kali yahh
ehh.. lngsung di datengin sama security.. di suruh hapus picture.nyaa
terus dia di suruh scroll gallery.nya ke kiri dan ke kanan..
kyknya buat pastiin udah ga ada voto2 airport gt.

nahh.. pas giliran koper kita di scan..
kluar.nya kyk ter-lempar gt donk dr mesinnya..
ga jelas knp dia buat mesin aneh kyk gt..
sampe shock gt kita liatnya.. haha..

ternyata koper kita di tandain stelah scann..
nahh tanda itu tuhh buat pemeriksaan makin lama.
jadi kita harus buka koper kita..
dan jelasin satu2 ke petugasnya.. apa aja yg ada di dlm koper elo..
since gw bnyk kantong2 kecil buat make up, buat underwear, buat baju kotor dll.. dia tetep mau di buka donkkk.. ~.~`
gawat bngt dehh..
untung yg periksain gw gantenggg. *loh? ahahha..
sampe bantal yg buat bobo di pesawat aja tuh di pencet2 lama sama dia..

gw sampe bilang " you can take that if you want "

and you know whattt..
sehabis periksa koper..
gw di boyong lagi ke kamar pemeriksaan untuk di periksa lagi..

jadi mrk akan suruh lu buka sepatu..
buka baju dll..

gila yahh..

apakah kita seberbahaya itu??

aneh.nyaa.. Gill & Raimond ga di periksa sama sekali..
mungkin karena mrk udah married
dan gw, bombie dan amel masih single?
sampe skrng kita juga ga tau alesannya knp.

stelah periksa badan.. kita pun di 'body-guard' in sama petugas untuk ke imigrasi..

gahhhhhhhhh.. gila2an dehh..

sesampai.nya di imigrasi..

gw di sapa lembut sama mas2 ganteng yg men-chop visa gw..
'halooo.. indonesian? salam for Susilo Bambang'

lahh.. kok yg ini ga kepo sama sekali?

untung di airport Israel ada wi-fi gratis.. jd langsung kontek2 yg lain untuk cari makan..
kita di periksa selama hampir 1 jam yg membuat kita kelaparannn.. haha..

**note : gw dan temen2 gw travel dngn private tour local.. seharusnya kalau kalian pergi dngn tour2 dari indonesia, pemeriksaan spt ini kyknya ga akan terjadi..**

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I am sure most woman and some of the guys out there have the love of spa.
whereby you just need to lay down to let go of all your tiredness and rejuvenate yourself .

when i went to bali 2 weeks ago.
me and some of the girls have the craving of spa.
we need to be pampered ! haha

after we did our research,
we finally decided to go to Spa Bali.

yes.. Spa Bali is a spa name.. hehe..
its a nice, decent, clean spa nearby Seminyak area.
*agak masuk2 gang kecil gt*

well, it's not a luxurious spa
but we are very happy with the services.

as i mentioned before..
the place is clean and very decent
looks small from outside, but its rather big inside.

it's like mini salon as well, where you can do your hair and nails. 

the price is considered cheap..
we took SPA BALI MASSAGE - their signature Balinese massage mixed with Swedish and Shiatsu techniques for only RP. 133.000 ( 2 weeks ago 1 SGD = RP 9200, so its only for 15 SGD)

they have private rooms. 
since it was 4 of us..
so they gave us 2 rooms.

the room is just a normal 2 bedded room.
our other 2 friends got a room with build in bathroom inside.

ohh.. actually there's funny story.
the therapist asked us to take off all our clothes except our panties..
then after we took that off.
there's an awkward moment between me and my friend. ahhaha..
we just chat for a while since the therapist have not come in again,
until me and her was like.. uhmm.. its kinda awkward yaa when we chat without clothes on.
then we just lay ourselves down and wait for the therapist to go in again. hahaha..
i cannot imagine if i need to go for the pre-marital massage. haahha.. well.. hahaha.. 
our other 2 friends said it was even more awkward for them, cause there's no partition for the bathroom, only have 2 showers in the same place. hahaha. 

they have great 'massage-rs' (if there such a word.. haha) or therapist..
they are very friendly and really know what they are doing.

like any other spa, they will ask you how is the massage.
is it too hard or too soft?
i am one of those people who cannot take hard massage.
i prefer soft massage.. 
but that time, eventho it was not that hard..
i can feel some pain on my right thigh.. 
and i asked the therapist to do it softer on that specific area.
when i took bath after that.
i can feel that my thigh is a bit painful. its like the muscle ache.

my friend said it's normal if your leg are too tired.
so when you go for massage, the pain will come out and will go away shortly after that.

and you know what..
its truee.. haha
so 1-2 hrs after the massage.. i dont feel anymore muscle ache on my right tight..
maybe too much walking in singapore. haha..

it's very recommended..

i think their stone massage and flower bath is very pampering as well.
but too bad, we only have 1 hr for the treatment since we have to go somewhere else.

the last time i email them, they said their websites is still under maintenance
so you can give them a call or drop them an email if you are interested. =)

Jalan Drupadi
Seminyak, Bali
PHONE (0361) 737-694

888 Jalan Dyanapura
Seminyak, Bali

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inspirasiku 02 - My Interview with Young Entrepreneur

Hellow fellow bloggers,

Daku baru keluarin episode ke-2 buat 'Inpirasiku' nih.. 
kalo gw boleh kasih judul..
mungkin kali ini akan gw nama-i,
'Bisnis di usia muda ? Siapa takut!'

Do like and subscribe on my Youtube channel juga yahh.. hehe..
hopefully ini bermanfaat juga buat kaliann..
enjoy the video.. =)