Tuesday, October 23, 2012

dream a little dream of death

okayy.. the tittle is too much. haha.

anyway. i often dream of something scary.
like zombies or being chased by something or someone who tried to kill me.

i kind of forgot all my past dreams.

the last dream that i remember was when i did some 'walking dead' marathon series.
gilaa.. i dreamt of zombies kayak dont know how many times gt in a week.

and i stop watching it. not because of the nightmare, but because the season 2 has end. hahaha.. *Waiting for season 3 now*

actually i want to tell you about my dream that i dreamt last night. hahaha. quite a cool and weird one i may say. haha.

so, here we go.

i was in some government body..
i know someone's great secret.
and he tried to kill me.

i run and hide, and run, and asking for help.
nearly die in my dream for several times.
but there were always some great people with their great abilities to help me out.

and i met an old lady with large capability. hahaha.
so i vividly remember the scene.
it was at parking lot.
this guy tried to kill me, and i bumped into this old lady.
and she said, 'are you in trouble?'
i was lost all my breath and just nodeed my head.
and she like, 'throw me out to the road'
and this old lady's friend throw her to the road,
she acted like she fell down and let the guy's car stopped for a while and do the detour to catch me up. haha. *dia kyk nenek2 hebat gt, yg model.nya lemah2, tapi bisa wing chun sama kungfu. hahahaa.. *

terus yee.. the coolest of all is, gw mimpinya pake bahasa inggris. ahahaha.

its like my first time to dream in english.
and you know what, i understand french language too. *cool rite? hahahaha*

jadi ceritanya this bad guy is a french, and he have this huge secret, when he converse with his friends, i know that they were up to sth. and the magic happen there, i understand french. *wowww. ahahaha..

yah gt lah kira2..

so i keep running, and hide and run again, and nearly die, and i woke up. *thank you alarm*

what a dream. *kecapen mode on abis bangun tidur.. fyuhhh.. *lap2 keringet dari jidat**

what's ur scariest/weirdest/collest dream of all? ahahha


sista said...

hoahahaha mimpi loe lucu jen.
loe masi suka film2 serem ya despite ur nitemares... gw jadi inget waktu dulu kita nonton saw di marina square, lu excitedly nonton haha.. itu pertama kali buat gw n after movie, gw dah ga minat ntn gitu2an lagi.. lol..

Jenita Darmento said...

muahahaha.. iya cii.. seru nonton gitu2an.. tp when it comes to you sih ga seru lagi. ahahhaa.. aku inget sampe ci jojo keluar trus nonton michael jackson. ahahha..