Sunday, January 20, 2013

a fragile heart

too many superstition in this world.

especially for us, the chinese people. haha

well, you can choose to believe or not to believe.

i want to share a new superstition that i just knew 2 days ago. haha. *well, maybe some of you already knew about it*

so, i was eating with my colleagues.

until one of my colleagues ask me this question.

'do you easily shed your tears? cause you have a mole near the eyes'

then i said to her that, 'yess.. i am easily touched' hahaha.

she also mentioned that if you have a mole near your mouth..

many people will treat you foods. hahaha.

i would love that.. compared to keep shedding my tears. haha

but what my friend said is true..

i do cry easily.
*yee.. cengeng bngt yee gw* hahaha.

if i face some problems that me myself really have no idea to solve.
i usually will cry and thinking the way out at the same time. haha.

if i watch some movies that touches my heart..
i will cry too.. haha.

and you dont talk about feelings..
my feelings is very sensitive..
so you know what i'll do you hurt my feelings. haha.

im trying hard not to cry everytime..
but sometimes i cant just control it.
and somehow it just rolls down from my eyes. hahaha.

so, do you believe it?

or it's just me who have a 'fragile' heart? hahahah..


Arman said...

gpp nangis.... nangis itu sehat kok... :)

Jenita Darmento said...

haha. nangis tuh kadang2 cape mann.. sering pusing gw abis nangis biasanya. haahha