Thursday, January 31, 2013

fleur de jardin - garden flower

last sunday, i was invited by elrica as her plus 1 to an event called
fleur de jardin
or in english, we called it garden flower.
*i dont know why if i hear garden flower, it reminds me of  F4 characters & 'oh' song. hahaha*
this event was held by One9Ninety in Singapore Turf Club for promoting Singapore Turf Club itself.
was wondering what more to promote since everyone around this red-dot city already know this famous horse racing & betting company.
finally things come to light.
so, the main objectives is to promote singapore turf club,
not only for the 'betting' area, but also for any functions,
like company gathering/meeting and even birthday party!
so, meanwhile you are having your functions there.
you can have some entertainment too.
of course by watching the race that they have for that special day.
they have many function rooms.
one of them is the'Saga' room that we were in.
it's a small but cozy function room i may say.
*this is infront of me*

and my back view is this!

so, most of their function room are facing the racing tracks.
so cool right! haha..
well.. maybe many of you seen this view quite often, or maybe you have your own ranch,
but it was a new and exciting view for me. haha..
not gonna see this again anytime soon i guess. haha.
when we entered the room
they already prepared a photobooth for us..
from left :
elrica (pinkbuble), rachie tan (one9ninety), & me.
*yeah, i know im the shortest. haha.. went there with flats, cause no matching heels and because im not a fan of heels too. haha.. i always awed by those girls who can wear high heels to event and never sit down to rest their legs. haha.*
*photo from Singapore Turn Club FB page
singapore turf club also provided us with simple lunch and dessert.
i thought one9ninety went to order to some catering company.
but i was wrongg.
they have their own kitchen and cook.
and the cooks are very well cooked. haha.
below is my favorite beef stew. hehe
the beef is sooo tender and yummyyy..
*photo from Singapore Turn Club FB page*
*photo from Singapore Turn Club FB page

after we finished our lunch and chit chat and meeting some new friends
*photo from Singapore Turn Club FB page
they bring us to see the horses before they go for the 5th race of the day.
below is one glance of the horse-track.
the weather is soooo nice..
you can see the big beautiful clouds and enjoy the blowing wind that blows so tenderly. haha.. **

so, here we are at the so called 'ranch'
in this place, they gonna bring out all the horses to show all the people.
so the people can bet on which horse they want.
and before the horsie came out.
we took the pic of the #ootd. hahaha
a.k.a Outfit Of The Day. hehehe.
so here i am.
with summer dress from Angie boutique.. *basically my friend is selling dresses from HK* hehe
floral headpiece from Elrica.
salmon flat shoes from Tory Burch
and saffiano bag from Prada.
*i think its everyone's bag, cause i see manyyy girls is carrying this bag.. haha.
but i hv to agree that this bag can match easily with any of my outfit. hehe* 

and this is El's ootd.
i only know that she wear the top from H&M. hehe

and finally, all the horsie come out with the jockeyy.. hehe
so, before the jockey gets to their horses.
they will meet the horsie owners..
this is quite new for me..
cause i always thought that the jockey is the owner of their own horse. hahaha.
they are only paid by the owner to race with the horsie..
if the horsie win, they will get a bonus.. hehe..


*i was too excited to see the horsie. hahahaha.. they have sexy back. hahaha*

i heard the first thing that they have to do is to get to the inner side of the track, so when they need to turn, it can be faster..
*harus ambil jalur yg paling dlm gt, jadi pas ada puterannya bs lebih cepet dan ada kemungkinan buat menang*

then when they are near to the end already.
the jockey will wack the horsie back part, so they can run faster..
and the winning horsie, will get a medal, haha.
and the owner will appear with them to take picture together.
overall, very exciting experience.
i would love to go there again, and get to touch the horsie and learn some horseback riding if possible. ahahha..





sista said...

cute and nice outfit jend :D
btw photo kalian bagus :D

Arman said...

ngiler ngeliat makanannya.. hehehe

Jenita Darmento said...

thankss cii.. hehe..

iya man.. itu beef.nya enak bngt. kalo ga gengsi gw ambil banyakan. hahaha..