Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We Care, Do You?

if you have 10 mins of your time to jump from blog to blog.

then you should have your 10 mins time to watch this video. hahaha. *

it's a short documentary that me and my friends made for 1 school in Batam, Indonesia named 'Sekolah Misi Bagi Bangsa'. *i blogged about this school before* 

 this school filled with cute children who are really eager to study.
also supportive parents and teachers that never tired of cheering them up to study, simply because they believe that  by education, the children will have a brighter future. 

but now, this school is facing a difficulties.

mau tau apa?
mari kita nonton video di bawah ini.. =)

We Care, Do You? 

If you care too.

You can help them by contacting us
*this will link you to our FB page* (Kindly support us by liking our page and spreading the video around)
and we will let you know how to contact them directly.

God bless you, guys.

Let us support education in Indonesia. 

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