Friday, March 15, 2013

looking for girl

it was a normal thursday in my office.
when things get a bit boring.. i always open up my internet explorer to google some things or just read up some news from yahoo! news. hehe.
and when i opened up my yahoo! news - singapore sites
suddenly this news appears in the first 4 columns of today's news.
- pic taken from yahoo! news -
what would u do if u are that girl that he's looking for.
would you turn up? hahaha.
i find it cute..
but at the same time i find it freaky as well..
but again. if i were the girl.
i think i won turn up. haha. *sorry boy*


sista said...

hoahahaha iya i feel it's kinda freaky too hahaha

Jenita Darmento said...

iya ci.. kyk horrorr. hahaha

sanguines said...

Awwww This is really REALLY cuteee! =)
(Habis gue hopeless romantic sihhh) =P

Jenita Darmento said...

tp horror juga tau.. kalo dia psychoo gt gimana?? dia stalkk elo terus2an. hahaha..