Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Olympus has fallen

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i just watch this last Sunday.

and this is veryy veryyy recommended.
also for girls. hehe.

cause im not that type of person who fancy actions movie much..
when all of my friends going out to see mission impossible or die hard or james bond movie.
i just follow them because it's IN..
simply because it's movie of the year etc.. etc..

but particularly for this film.
i dont know why i want to watch it.
really.. really want to watch it. hahaha..

last sunday shandy (my friend) asks us to go to watch the croods..
at the same time (or maybe earlier).. natalia (my friend too) asked me to watch this olympus has fallen. haha..
i asked my bern to accompany me to watch olympus has fallen with them..
he was hesitating at first. cause he wants to see the croods also.. and the timing in the cinema is not that many anymore. haha..
but i was the one who likes.. 'aahh.. pleasee.. just watch olympus has fallenn.. you can always download right?' hahaha..

and after that i think..
isnt it suppose to be me who wants to watch the croods more than olympus has fallen? hahaha.

well. anyway..
the trailer is really thrilling and veryy appealing..
you can watch below trailer if you like.. hehe..

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in short..

white house is taken down by korean terrorist 
 all the important people including the president are held as hostages.
these terrorist gonna destroy america..
will they succeed? and will the hostages include the president survive?
the olympus has fallen. hahaha.

this film makes me want to stay in theater even tho u need to pee.. 
you cant just wait for whats happening next
and it makes me hyperventilating for most of the time. ahhaha
*okay.. im too much. hahaha*

well.. on acting wise.. Gerard Butler has always been great with his acting.. and always good in handling all the guns and fights.. haha..
Aaron Eekhart (President) is lovable president there i may say.. very protective to his people and nation.. 
i think he better play in this kind of role than being two faced in Batman.. hehe.. 
Morgan Freeman.. he's quite funny here i may say.. im quite entertained by him. haha.. and talking about acting.. i think there's no doubt again him, isnt it? 

 and i loveee Asley Judd.. she really represents beauty in the movie..
very poise, very charming.. and very elegant. 
i watch her in Missing (drama series) for the first time.. and i like her instantly.. 
well.. maybe not as much as Meryl Streep.. but she's good as well i may say.. hehe..

anyway. i think this film is too sensitive.. 
i dont know what the communist people (esp. north korean people) will react to this film.

but the head of the terrorist there (played by Rick Yune) is quite handsome.. hehehe.. 
i think he can become some k-pop star.. hehe.. 

i just watched this 2 days ago right..

and today.. while im lotion-ing today.. i saw a news in channel news asia that Boston has been bombed by unknown individual / group while they were having marathon events that caused at least 3 dead and 140 injured..
- source from USA today.com -

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i was like.. okayy.. that's quite heart breaking to hear. 

and not long after that..
i saw the news that south korea president (Ms. Park Geun-Hye) will visit US president (Obama) this coming 7th of May.. 

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and suddenly i am reminded of this olympus has fallen thingy..


cause there's a scene whereby the prime minister of south korea visiting US president to talk about safety of their country from the north side. 

i was like.. what if olympus has fallen really happening and  
i was imagining if they take obama as hostage etc etc.. *just like in the movie* hahaha..

okayy.. i think too muchh.. 


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