Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Girls, Be Careful..

Be Careful, Girls.
some unwanted events may occur when you are staying in rented rooms.

A friend of mine just told me that her friend just encountered some 'horrifying' issue.

the story goes like this.

she rented a room somewhere in Kallang/Paya Lebar.
she stayed there with married owner and 2 kids who stays in the master room, and another girl who rented the other room..

it was a normal day for my friend's friend.
she went home from work, and took a bath.

while she wanted to put her towel on the hanger, she noticed that there's another new hanger on the door, but she just leave it there and go to bath as per normal.

until one day.
the new hanger was gone but the sticker to stick the hanger was still there.
and i think she thought it was normal events, when you can just take out the hanger without peeling out the sticker.

but the weird thing was the new hanger come back in the same place on the next day after it went missing.
she felt a bit suspicious on why it comes back again in the bath room.
somemore the hanger is not the same like others.
others was like the normal 3M hanger, and the new hanger was bigger and got some black musical keynotes stickers on it.

but still, she just went to bath as per normal eventho she feels suspicious with that new hanger.

days passed by, and suddendly that new hanger gone again. with the sticker still sticking on the door.

and like the previous week.
it came back again the next day after it gone missing.

she is very curious about it now.

she took out that new big hanger when nobody's home.
she brought it to her room and did some checking.

and she was very shocked on what she found.

the new hanger is a camera with a memory card inside.
they cover the camera lense with the black keynotes sticker. *what a smart move huh.

she was petrified.
but she have a time to captured the ''horrifying'' item.

she quickly put back the hanger in place.
and gone to police to report the situation.

but unfortunately the police has not responded well to her.
im not sure if she didnt have enough proof  or what.

in the end, she decided to move out immediately.
she wanted to tell the other girl who rented the other room, but nvr got a chance.
i think the nvr speak to each other too. hoho.

what a frustrating story.
my friend said she reported to the police, so at least the lusty owner of her can delete all the data.

she said the new hanger just come up when his wife is gone overseas.

but please.. you are sleeping with your 2 kids.
will you rip and watch the video in front of your 2 kids?
cant he thinks what if his 2 daughters who was on the video ??

i think some people are just super gross and have some lust & mental problem. ~.~`
i mean. if he wants to watch porn or sth. he can just go to some websites that can offer him more than a bathing girl, right?

well. anyway.. be careful, girls..


Arman said...

crazy and scary at the same time...

Pypy said...

Ampunnn.. Seremm bgt sih? Tega nian yah berbuat begitu..ckckckc..

Jenita Darmento said...

iya mann.. parah bngt emang owner.nya.. serem bngt.. ~.~`

ho oh pyy.. kyknya udah ga ada tega2nya deh si owner itu.. ~~"