Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ghost Month

The Ghost month is here !
well.. actually it has been here since 15 days ago.. (8th Aug if im not wrong)

i didnt know what Ghost month is until i moved to Singapore.
yes, i am an Indonesian Chinese.
I also once a buddhist when i was way much younger before all my family follow this Big Guy names Jesus.
but i still didnt know what Hungry Ghost festival is.. hehe..

my father was a very devoted one too i may say.
he used to pray in every events when the Buddhist need to pray.
and also frequently come to visit our grandparents grave to 'offer-them-food' by burning all those paper money with the ''Bank of Hell'' signs, burnt those paper-doll and cars and other paper things to them.
i asked him too what does that mean.
and it simply means that my grandparents can have maid (paper dolls) and car in the nirvana .

well. we nvr know if the traditions are true or not.

i guess sometimes we do things because it was tradition and simply scared with the 'karma' that you will get if you do not do the traditions.

and for you who dont know what Hungry Ghost / Ghost Month is.

i will explain it here.. hehee.. *well.. just according to my understanding. hehe*

so, Ghost Month / Hungry Ghost Festival is an event where *penguasa neraka* or the Hell ruler open the Hell's gate to let all the ghost to visit their loved ones on earth.. or maybe just to give them a bit freedom before they go back to hell.
*yeah. a bit scary i know. hoho..

so, the first day when they opened the Hell's gate, normally those devoted Buddhist will pray for their families who have left them and pray for those ghost who doesnt have family as well.
usually, they will give them foods like roasted duck, pork and chicken.
they will also give them paper money and set a prayer table and light up the incense.

if you are walking pass through the HDB (government's apartment) and wondering why they have so many incense by the road and have those big red basket looks like *sorry* dust-bin..
that means the Hungry Ghost festival that usually fall on the 7th Months of Chinese Lunar Calendar is here.. hehe

many Taboo or ''Do Nots'' list when the Ghost Month is here, example:
- cannot swim during this month, because the water ghost can pull you down.
- cannot be alone
- cannot jog at night
- cannot travel
- cannot move house
- cannot open business
etc etc.

the tale told us that the most 'dangerous' day are the 15th days.
because the spirit is in their 'high spirit'moment

they said that the people need to pray again and give them food to bring luck to the families, and ease the pain of the ghosts.

it is really the most dangerous time of the year, according to the chinese belief.
because they can capture souls too..

and when the Hungry Ghost Festival will end?
since it's Ghost Month, so the festival will only stay for 1 month.

after that, the 30th day of the month they will go back to Hell and the Hell's gate will close by then.

scary tale, right?

well. ill close with one picture below

my company prayer table.

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