Monday, September 9, 2013

Tim Ho Wan

Finally. after all this while, i got to try the new infamous DimSum stall in town.
Tim Ho Wan.
the Queue for this restaurant is crazy..
the first time they opened, people need to Q 1-2 hrs to try their Dimsum.
what so special?
well. some media and many people said that it's the best Dimsum place in Hongkong,
and one of a few Asian's restaurant that got Michelin-Star.
and also, rumour said that it's the cheapest Michelin-Star restaurant.
we went to try because one of our friend, Kevin is visiting Singapore.
well, he used to stay here before.. but he moved to China to study language *like many of Indonesian students do*

and yes.. as expected.. Singapore will always have something new every now and then.
not like some other countries, where by 1 restaurant can just stay there for a decade and nothing change much.

so, he was just gone about 6 mths ago.
and voila.. Tim Ho Wan is here. hahaha..

oke.. let's start with The Menu.

apparently you wouldnt see vast choices here.
i dont know about Hongkong's Tim Ho Wan,
but yeah, not really much choices compared other dim sum place. 
like in Jakarta for example. you can have egg tarts, bakpau with many choices of fillings. chicken feet, and my favorite fried yam puff. hehe.. 

The Ambiance
not bad..
well. you may have to share the tables with some other customers.. like we did. haha
because some of their tables are the long ones .
Actually i dont feel comfortable sitting with others, more over if the person next to you is Indonesian as well. haha..
it's just you are sharing the same conversation and i cant really gossip much too. muahahha. afraid that they know who are we talking about.

but i dont really care when you already Q for more than 30mins. haha.

The Food !
Glutinous Rice Dumpling
not really a fan of Lo Mai Gai - but this one is not bad.
well maybe i seldom eat this kind of thing as well, so that's why i think this taste not bad. haha.

Prawn Dumpling (SGD 5.50 - 4pcs)

believe it or not, i just knew that Prawn Dumpling is Ha Gao. muahhahaha.. i mean i only know Ha Gao is Ha Gao, not as Prawn Dumpling. i thought prawn dumpling is like Swekiau. hehe
im not a Ha Gao fan as well.
cause i dont really like to eat Prawn.. if you already smashed it and makes it a dumpling, i dont mind eating it.. but to eat a whole prawn.. blehhh.. i can vomit it out right after. huahua..
*traumatic past*
but well, since we already there.
ill just try to swallow the Ha Gao,
and it turned out fine !! wohoo.. hehe..
i just ate 1 Ha Gao thoo..
but for you guys who like Ha Gao much, i think this is quite worth it.
because they put a very big prawn inside.. hehe.

Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork and Shrimp (SGD 4.00 -3pcs)
this one is just so-so 
Pork Rib With Black Bean Sauce (SGD 4.20)
i like this one! hehe..
the pork ribs is tender and i just like the black bean sauce.. 
i can eat 2 portions alone. muahahha.. 

 everyone is concentrating on the food.. hehe

Baked Bun with BBQ POrk ( SGD 4.50 - 3pcs)
the most delicious menu on the house. haha
the bun is crispy and sweet.
i like the bun itself.
and the filling inside is normal BBQ pork.. nice as well.
but i think what makes it superb is the bread.. hehe..

i really recommend the Bun if you are planning to go here.. hehe. 

overall 7/10
food is fine.
price is good.
only the Q is crazy..


Arman said...

jadi pengen dimsum dah... :D

Pypy said...

Ngilerrr bangett dehhh.. Tp gile aja yah kalo kudu ngantri selama itu.. Keburu cacing2 diperut curi semua nutrisii.. *nyanyik*

Jenita Darmento said...

iya mann.. tapi gw belom ktmu tempat dimsum yg enak bngt.. haha..
dulu pas gw ke LA ke 1 tempat dimsum rame bngt juga.. tapi gw lupa nama tempat dimsum.nya apa dan di bagian mana.nya LA. ahahaha*maklum cuman di setirin sama temen aja* hehe.

iyaa pyy.. gw juga ogah bngt antri sgtu lama.. untung kmrn temen2 udah antri duluan.. hahaha..

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