Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Taste Paradise

Decided to eat some Dim Sum on Monday (28th) for lunch to celebrate my birthday.
and my goodness..
i think that's the tastiest Dim Sum that ive ever had in Singapore.. haha..

the place is nice..
the ambiance is good.
the service is not bad, since they can speak English well. *i kind of hate it when some Dim Sum place and chinese restaurant have no english speaker at all that makes me confused and difficult to ask for sth haha.. *

and the most important is..

the food is AWESOME !! hahahha.. *droll*
Beancurd Skin with Bacon 
 Fried BBQ Honey Pork Bun.
*this one is similar with Tim Ho Wan's BBQ Pork Bun, only the pork is tastier.. muahhaha.
but need to admit that Tim Ho Wan's bun is nicer.. hehe.. but yeah, at the end of the day. cannot really compare because it's different type of bread. haha*
 Crispy Tofu with White Truffle sauce
 *this one is not from the Dim Sum menu, you can find it in normal menu.. the Tofu colour is green, they said it made from Edamame. well.. idk too. but it's just super nice.. somemore with the truffle souce.. i think whatever with truffle is nice.. hihi*
 Cod Fish with Miso paste
*this one is not from the Dim Sum menu, you can find it in normal menu.. If you like Sushi Tei''s Salmon Mentai.. this Miso paste quite taste the same.. ahhaha.. also heaven on earth taste-like*
 Custard Bun
*owhh.. you need to be carefull when you eat this, the custard may squirt.. ermm.. doesnt sound right ya? haha.. okay.. something like bursting out of the bun.. muahhaha.. so yeah. need to be carefull. haha*

 Steamed Pork Ribs with Black Beans
*as nice as Tim Ho Wan's i must say.. hehe*
 Chicken Feet

all looks good, righttt.. hahaha..

okay.. for the pricee..
i think all the Dim Sum ranges from SGD 3-8 dollars / portion. i think it's still quite reasonable.
as for the Cod Fish and the Crispy Tofu is about SGD 14..

The Dim Sum is only served until 4pm.. *i guess, if i remember correctly* haha..

a friend of mine  said we need to make a booking first.
but that time, we just decided to walk in. and luckily we still got the seat.. hehe.

overall, recommended !! hehe..

ps : eat all while it's warm !

Taste Paradise at ION Orchard
No.2 Orchard Turn
#04-07 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 9660


phoenix chix said...

yesss one of the bessttt custard bun i've eaten.

ngiler lagii...

Arman said...

happy birthday ya!

Pypy said...

Dibikin ngencess nih pagi2..

Heyy.. ultah mu kapan dear? Happy Birthday yah Jen, berdoa ut semua yg terbaik ditambahkan Tuhan dalam hidupmuu.. Aminn :D

Jenita Darmento said...

pork bunnya juga uennakk bngt koo. hahaha..

makasihhh arman!! =))

28 OCT pyy.. pas sumpah pemuda.. hihi.. makasih yahh jeungg.. =))