Wednesday, October 23, 2013

that dream

The Dream
the scene took place when i was still in secondary school.
but a liitle bit different here and there, like different school uniform for example.
i got this friend that is very naughty at school. always come late. smokes.
a type of boy that i would not fall in love with.
he is one of the rascals that would dumb some other students in the dustbins,
love to bet on football games.. and other stupid things that makes all teachers gave up on him.

until one day..
this crazy guy confessed his love to me and asked me if i want to become his girl friend.
i rejected him without any further conversation.
since i dont have any feeling to him, and he's a rascals. haha.

but after the rejection, he decided to do all the good things.
like he be-friend all the students that he bullied before.
put more respects to the teachers, and so on.

then.. somehow i kinda fell for him, because he is willing to change his attitude because of me..
we became close.. and when he about to ask me again to become his GF..
i woke up from my dream.

well. after i woke up from that normal kind of dream.
i prepared to school *okay. this happened when i was schooling in singapore* haha.
then one of my girl-friend asked me to go to her house to have some chit-chat after school ended.

we had some lunch first, did some shopping etc before going to her house.

and now comes the weird part.
this girl-friend of mine introduced me to her BF..
which come to my surprise..
the guy that she introduced, was the guy that i just dreamt last night!

it was really jaw-dropping, mind blowing, eye popping moment. hauhaua..
i cant even say "hi" properly! haha.

creepy isnt it?

At that point of time, i just knew this girl from a friend of mine which becomes my friend as well..
i also knew that she already has a BF
it's just because im not that close with her.. so we dont talk much about her BF.. somemore they are having a long-distance relationship. hoho.

but it was really surprised me when she introduced me this guy with an exact height, look and name!

i was thinking of him for days.
well. not exactly him that i was thinking about
i was thinking how that kind of thing could ever happened.. haha

there were a lot of things that gone thru my mind that week.
but after that i nvr see him anymore. haha..

i think just a weird funny thrilling crazy one of  a dream that i was having.

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Pypy said...

Lahhh. bisa gitu Jen.. Jgn2 ini pertanda..eaaa.. Dinanti cerita selanjutnya..hihi