Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Euro Trip

really, i cant remember much about my childhood.
i already think as hard as i can, but my furthest vivid memories was when i moved to Malaysia.
i was 8 years old back then, know nothing about English and blindly obey my parents to moved there until no more riot in Jakarta.

and finally after 6 months in Malaysia, i got back to Jakarta and found this picture in our old photo album.

Voila! meet the 6 years old me..

well.. after a long thinking..
i do remember bit and pieces of my very first euro-trip!

i remember that i tried to catch some birds in a slanted meadow.

i remember that i bought some toys (like a soft ball with some embellishment on it ) that you can squeeze and make it to a banana or simply a smiley face, cause they 2 eyes on it.
i dont know whats the name of that thing, but it can burst if you squeeze to hard, and inside the ball is sone white thingy like flour. haha.

i also remember that i went for snowboard there.
well.. not that cool kind of snowboard. it was only me sitting on a sleigh, and some older kids pushing the sleigh for me.. haha..

ahh.. i also remember i fell a hundred times when i was younger.
i fell. i cried. and my father carry me up after that. haha..

and i think.. if i can remember correctly.
my very first pictures with greatest Mr. Eiffel's invention was taken right after i fell down as well.

i fell. i cried. my father carried me up. bought me some candies. and took the picture.. haha.

Bonne Nuit everyone !


Arman said...

that's why it says a picture paints a thousand words ya... :)

sista said...

hihi lucu buanget jend loe pas kecil hehe beda banget :P

AiPy said...

Jend, muka lo berubah yah pas gede.. Lucu dehh :D

Jenita Darmento said...

haha.. iya mann.. jadi pengen nyanyi lagu.nya si Bread - if a picture paints a thousand words. hahaha..

hehehe. makasih cii.. masa sih beda?
aku pikir maish lumayand mirip.. hehe.

iyaa pyy.. pada bilang gt.. gw malah mikir ga gt berubah2 amat lohh.. haha..