Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I am sure most woman and some of the guys out there have the love of spa.
whereby you just need to lay down to let go of all your tiredness and rejuvenate yourself .

when i went to bali 2 weeks ago.
me and some of the girls have the craving of spa.
we need to be pampered ! haha

after we did our research,
we finally decided to go to Spa Bali.

yes.. Spa Bali is a spa name.. hehe..
its a nice, decent, clean spa nearby Seminyak area.
*agak masuk2 gang kecil gt*

well, it's not a luxurious spa
but we are very happy with the services.

as i mentioned before..
the place is clean and very decent
looks small from outside, but its rather big inside.

it's like mini salon as well, where you can do your hair and nails. 

the price is considered cheap..
we took SPA BALI MASSAGE - their signature Balinese massage mixed with Swedish and Shiatsu techniques for only RP. 133.000 ( 2 weeks ago 1 SGD = RP 9200, so its only for 15 SGD)

they have private rooms. 
since it was 4 of us..
so they gave us 2 rooms.

the room is just a normal 2 bedded room.
our other 2 friends got a room with build in bathroom inside.

ohh.. actually there's funny story.
the therapist asked us to take off all our clothes except our panties..
then after we took that off.
there's an awkward moment between me and my friend. ahhaha..
we just chat for a while since the therapist have not come in again,
until me and her was like.. uhmm.. its kinda awkward yaa when we chat without clothes on.
then we just lay ourselves down and wait for the therapist to go in again. hahaha..
i cannot imagine if i need to go for the pre-marital massage. haahha.. well.. hahaha.. 
our other 2 friends said it was even more awkward for them, cause there's no partition for the bathroom, only have 2 showers in the same place. hahaha. 

they have great 'massage-rs' (if there such a word.. haha) or therapist..
they are very friendly and really know what they are doing.

like any other spa, they will ask you how is the massage.
is it too hard or too soft?
i am one of those people who cannot take hard massage.
i prefer soft massage.. 
but that time, eventho it was not that hard..
i can feel some pain on my right thigh.. 
and i asked the therapist to do it softer on that specific area.
when i took bath after that.
i can feel that my thigh is a bit painful. its like the muscle ache.

my friend said it's normal if your leg are too tired.
so when you go for massage, the pain will come out and will go away shortly after that.

and you know what..
its truee.. haha
so 1-2 hrs after the massage.. i dont feel anymore muscle ache on my right tight..
maybe too much walking in singapore. haha..

it's very recommended..

i think their stone massage and flower bath is very pampering as well.
but too bad, we only have 1 hr for the treatment since we have to go somewhere else.

the last time i email them, they said their websites is still under maintenance
so you can give them a call or drop them an email if you are interested. =)

Jalan Drupadi
Seminyak, Bali
PHONE (0361) 737-694

888 Jalan Dyanapura
Seminyak, Bali


Evita Wijaya said...

mee tooo jeeennn.. gua suka banget spa, body massage, body scrub apapun itu yang bisa bikin gua rileks sampe tertidur. hahhaha.. kadang sampe pantengin disdus buat nyari gitu2an yang murmer. heheheh.. :D Secara ada harganya kalo gak promo lumayan juga kan yaaa.. :D

Jenita Darmento said...

iyaa... hehehe.. gw juga suka.. asalkan tempat.nya enakk.. kalo nggakk kyk.nya kurang nyaman.. abis buka2an gt kan kalo spaa.. hoho..
duhh. pengen bngt spa yg kyk di W hotel bali.. tapi harganya bisa 7 kali spa di spa bali ini. ahhahaha

Melissa Octoviani said...

jadi kangen di spa deh... waktu hanimun kemaren di paketan hanimunnya ada spa 2 jem, asli itu enak banget hahahaha...

Jenita Darmento said...

wuih.. baru tau ada paket honeymoon. haha.. itu jadi kyk hotel + spa gt yah paket.nya?

AiPy said...

Trus gw inget kalo gw masih punya 1 voucher spa dari Ai :p Ahhh.. Spa itu emang enakkk bangett bangett :D

Jenita Darmento said...

ahahha.. buruan di pake pyy.. nanati kburu expired lohhh..